HughesNet Contact Options Existing Customers

For existing customers you need to contact Customer Support at the number below for all of your account and connection questions.

Call (866) 347-3292 - New Customers

Once you decide to get HughesNet internet service, you need to contact the Sales Team at the number below and place an order for your new satellite internet plan.

Call 855 618 2883

HughesNet Customer Service & Reputation

HughesNet has a feature of data caps however most customers complain of extremely low data caps. Complaining to a customer Service regarding this won’t help either as this is one of the feature of the product itself.

Also some customers complain about not getting the 25Mbps speed they were hoping for.

Why Choose HughesNet?

If you live in a remote area where cable internet options are few and far between then for internet coverage HughesNet will be one of your main options. As Satellite internet offers internet coverage where no other providers can go. So the users benefit on that aspect.

HughesNet Best Internet Plans

HughesNet internet data plans offer customers speed of up to 25Mbps. Also they are one of the few high-speed internet companies that provide service in very remote or rural locations, where other internet coverage options are almost nil. They provide service to all 50 states. Before you choose a HughesNet internet plan you need to make sure to have a general idea of how much data you usually use per month. If you run out of data, your speed will slow down drastically.